Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Favorite Meals

(In order of preference)

1. Breakfast. Holy shit do I love me some breakfast. Eggs and bacon are the tits! And coffee? Fuck yes. I mean, I drink coffee all day long but that first cup with breakie is like heaven. And toast. Man is toast fucking good. You get yourself a boule from the farmer's market and butter that shit UP.

2. Dinner. I love fancy dinners! I also love ordering in and watching Parks and Rec. And dinner parties? That is my favorite kind of party, hands down.

3. Lunch. Lunch is a finicky beast. I love it cause it means my work day is half done, but sometimes I can't for the life of me decide what to eat and I get really bummed out when I can't decide what to eat.

4. 2nd Dinner. How good are late night tacos and pizza? Oh man, so good.

5. Snack. I like this mini-meal because it's an excuse to eat things that you would never eat with your regular meals, like yogurt pretzels or weird candy. I got me some gelato around 4pm and it was muy bueno. Plus it's another excuse to leave the office and go walk around. But who I am kidding? I left the office to go shopping today. I'll leave for any ol' reason.

6. Brunch. Ok a lot of bitches are gonna hate on Shannie for saying this, but I detest brunch. P. U. Brunch is the worst. There's all those lines and too many people in groups of 5 and all the food is the same and you KNOW chefs hate cooking that shit the most. That being said, Prime Meats has an excellent brunch.

7. Second Breakfast. Bananas. Whatever.

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