Friday, April 30, 2010

Nightmare Fuel

To finish up Freaky Friday (since you East coasters are going to be out drinking soon, if not already) here is a giant 21ft tall mongoloid baby that Spain built, just to assure that no matter how drunk you get tonight, you won't be able to sleep since every time you close your eyes you'll see THIS staring back at you.  The story (if you give two twats) is below.  Don't forget to come visit me at Welcome To Tardville sometime.  Excuse the mess over there, I wasn't expecting company.  Happy Friday!

If that baby is 21ft tall, how big is that fucking bubble?
 From OC:

Miguelin, is a 6.5 meters tall animated baby that Spain has created for its pavilion, at the Shanghai World Expo 2010. And if you thing this toddler’s just a big old doll, you’re sadly mistaken. Miguelin breaths, blinks and dreams of the cities we leave to our future generations, while smiling to visitors that walk by.  Miguelin, who was constructed in the US, dreams of the future,and his dreams will be animated, for all visitors to see. (Ed note - gaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy) SOURCE

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