Friday, April 30, 2010

The Prescription is PAIN

Helloooooo there, my name is Brian of Welcome To Tardville, bigger (faster, stronger) brother of Jenny, and I'll be your guest guide on the blog today.  That's the good news.  The bad news is that I drank way too many sake bombs last night while rocking the tits off of some sweet karaoke tunes (playlist available upon request, as is a picture of my genitals dressed up like Winston Churchill) so I may vomit all over my keyboard.  It's going to be like typing in soup.  You can even try it at home - go get a bowl and pour beer, sake, day old crepes and roofies into it, then get yourself some oyster crackers and a sharpie.  Label the crackers with letters and then float them in the soup.  Now try to type.  Bingo, vomit keyboard! 

Anywhooo, this blog likes to talk about boners and dudes, and since I actually have a boner I think I'm more qualified to discuss who or what giveth boners than Jenny and Shannon.  I'll even take a page out of the homo handbook and keep it guy related.  Plus I'll probably do something else when my brainpan stops trying to rape the rest of my skull.  Maybe with pandas.  Or robots.  Or robot pandas.  Eh, maybe nothing. 

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