Thursday, April 29, 2010

What We Do On Friday Nights

Last Friday Jenny and I went to Fette Sau after work ...and stayed until they closed. I'm sure this doesn't sound very ridiculous, but let me explain a few things.

1. Fette Sau is a BBQ joint that is always super crowded with long lines. My girlfriend Jenny doesn't eat meat and making her wait in lines is like dropping Gizmo into water and watching him turn into a fucking gremlin. Seriously within 4 minutes her panties where twisted up in a thickened trefoil knot (look it up).

2. It's a restaurant - not a hang out for 4 1/2 hours kind of place. That shit is so crowded and people are like vultures for open space and seats. We eventually squirmed our way into the corner of the bar and didn't move all night. I'm sure everyone was loving us.

Anyway so after Jenny watched me eat a shit ton of pulled pork, we plowed through a half-gallon growler and some whiskeys. After a while we decided to fuck with the bartender and make him love us. He definitely had a gerkin stuffed up his bunghole. It probably didn't help that we started shouting random names at him after he refused to tell us his. But guess what? That dude LOVED us by the end of the night. He gave us another free growler and more whiskeys. Then Jenny and I both went home and hurled. The end.

Here's a note that Jenny (with an interjection from me) wrote that for some reason I decided to pocket and scan rather than actually giving it to the bartender. Click to enlarge!

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