Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Yellow Fever

Do I have it? Yes. But not in the racist "I want to bone Asian dudes" way that you're probably thinking, but what I mean is that I am fairly certain that I am actually turning Japanese. This was brought to my attention by Shanon, via this facebook photo posted onto Gandy's page.

She then proceeded to send me picture after picture from her Flickr stream, to demonstrate that my eyes were closed in every single one and truthfully, I'm not quite sure how I manage to see at all.

I'm also unsure as to how one goes about correcting a problem like this, so Ima just roll with it. On the upside, I assume I will get better at math. But worse at driving. Guess there's always a little give and take. I wish it would progress to the advanced stages already, since I have spent half my morning researching a Japanese illustrator for work and if I could read Japanese as well as I can drink their Saki, I could move onto more important things like what I would like to eat for lunch.

You enjoy happy fun video now. Yikes, is this the most racist post yet?

1 comment:

  1. I never thought you drove that well to begin with...