Thursday, May 27, 2010

Boners of Yesteryear

So I have a serious case of the hangovers today. It turns out that $12 all you can drink Miller High Lifes is a blessing AND a curse. What's keeping me going is knowing that Shanon & Gandy are in the same boat, of their own accords. I think we're all eating french fries right now, at our respective places of business. At least I am.

Anyways, behold the latest Boner of Yesteryear; Harrison Ford.  I was riding the fence on this one, because I originally placed him in the dudes I'd still roll up in the hay with, but the more I google image searched pics of him, the more he started to resemble my Grandpa? Yeah. Shit got weird. Plus he seems to be dead set on wearing this insanely faggy earring at all times.

But back in the day? Uh, hello, the doctor is IN. Doctor Jones that is.

Then Gandy came up with an excellent plan for the Holiday weekend, while discussing how this dude I dated looks freaky-deaky like Harry Fords in "Blade Runner."

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