Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cabbies, My Newest Frienemy

Last night I got a wee-bit tipsy (yet again) and had to take a cab home. I don't remember how it started but by the end of the trip I had one arm and my head in the hole of the plastic divider. You know, so we could hear each other better. That's how into the conversation I was ...with the cab driver ...about the differences between Burkina Faso and Egypt. I know very little about either of those things! I think we were discussing African music and Spanish as a second language but who the fuck knows. I ended up giving him my card too for reasons I don't understand. Is he going to email me and we'll hang out and eat Ecuadorian food?

I'm not really sure what dictates drunk Shanon's behavior, but if cabs are involved, things can go one of two ways - and pretty much anything can tip the scale either way. Jenny just broke it down for me: "You have a love/hate relationship with cabbies, you're either BFFs or a serious cunt to the point I fear getting kicked out in the middle of the BQE. With most people this would be because of direction disputes. With you... could be anything."

It's so true! I got into a fight with one just last week for saying to me "we're in Greepoint." We were, in fact, in Greenpoint, but what a little bitch to inform me of that. I'm getting angry just thinking about it. Ohhhhh cabbies. And yes I meant to put this pic of Dr. Evil up.

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