Friday, May 14, 2010

Gandy Musings

I was going to write a blog about early 90s elementary school style:

But then I got side-tracked thinking about how Gandy would totally rock the Looney Toons t-shirt present day, meaning at the age of 29 and it being 2010.

Then THAT got me thinking about Gandy's style as a whole. Or to be more specific, it got me thinking even more about Gandy's style than I normally do. Jenny and I often muse with one another about our dear friend and his fashion sense. For no reason whatsoever I'll find myself imagining what he would look like if he actually dressed his age. Would it be business casual? Clarks and sweaters? Jack Spade accessories? Who knows!

Gandy, you see, dresses like a teenage day-glo raver, and has done so for as long as I've known him. I suppose that speaks highly of his character - unwavering, uncompromising and forever young - but I also think he looks like a goof half the time. Here are some choice examples:

This one is a personal favorite - my own outfit is ridiculous (I think those are Blair's black-out glasses?) but the "Hella Tight" hat with the hot pink shorts. baby blue panda shirt and sleezy 'stache is a Gandy classic.)

But then we had this convo and he totally schooled me, because while I'd like to think of my own style as "J. Crew and L.L. Bean vacation in Nantucket," there was definitely some questionable shit back in the day.


  1. Gandy is the gay version of my high school boyfriend. G, did u also wear a powder blue tux to prom?

  2. LOL, it was between a power blue tux and a shark skin suit. My date nixed the powder blue tux, but I did have two inch thick creepers. I will find the photo and post. I also had a "chin beard" which was really like 10 hairs on my chin. *hangs head in prepubescent shame*

  3. FOR REAL! I bet you used to like the Smiths too.