Thursday, May 13, 2010

Shannie's Music Poo Baw Whatever

Gandy and I went to go see one of my favorite bands EVER last week, The Clean. And guess what? They sucked donkey balls and I was P.O.ed. Talk about old farts who clearly hate playing for people when they really should be thankful that anyone wants to see their saggy balls play in public in the first place. And they were wearing running sneakers! Olds have the worst style, am I right? Anyway that shit was terrible and reminded me why I stopped going to shows in the first place - I hate everything. Also didn't help that Gandy and I were loaded up on Johnny Walker Red and dropped two glasses of beer during their set. After the second one we promptly split and rode over to Jenny's where we ate a whole mess of chicken fingers, tater tots and moz sticks.

But anyway this band of poutine-eating Canadians called Braids messed up my hatin' on everything policy. They so good! They're unsigned and apparently only 6 A&R reps have their new album. I predict they will sign to French Kiss and by next year play a Summerstage or Pool Party or some such foolishness that I no longer care about (too many flip flops) unless Jay-Z and Beyonce are there.

BRAIDS - Lemonade
BRAIDS - Liver and Tan

And here's a video of Thom Yorke singing "Love Will Tear Us Apart." For the past 2-days I've listened to nothing but Radiohead live recordings. I might need an intervention.

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