Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Favorite Thing in the Whole World

Irish coffee and weed! What a fucking brilliant combo. Coffee and weed are the tits, obvi, but this morning I had the brilliant idea to irish my coffee up with some Bulleit. My grammy bought it for me last weekend when she visited because she wanted me to have some "sipping liquor for after work." Have I mentioned that my Noni is amazing? The only time she pissed me off was when I was playing some Wanda Jackson while cooking and she told me it sounded like that Chipmunks Christmas album I used to play all the time. What a cunterific thing to say.

I am currently sitting on my couch waiting for hangover mcgee (aka my ladyfriend Jenny) to get here so we can go to Coney Island. It's Summer and yeah I'm gonna be pretty much drunk the whole time and I've taken quite a fancy to this drunk blogging as well so everyone hold on to your butts. It's gonna be a great couple of months.

There's no picture on this brog (racisisms) because I'm currently on my room mates laptop while smoking his weed. I think I might be an asshole. Both of my roomies have been out of town for a week and I have yet to do a single dish or put on pants.

Shanon out.

(p.s. Yenny just got here and immediately put up this video of her.)

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