Friday, June 18, 2010

Oh, Gays!

I rode my room mates bike to work and am once again still slightly drunk. I was in one of those "la di da" bike riding moods where I just didn't give a fuck and rode in a long pencil skirt down the middle of the street. I almost crashed a couple times but hey, I made it!

Anyhoot, as soon as I sat down at my desk I remembered that before last nights' debacle drunk texting the hottie bo bottie cater waiter, Gandy and I hit up the gay bars and asked all the 'mos if they knew who just won the NBA finals.

It was a hoot! Here are some of the responses:

"Who won the what? Soccer?"

"Oh god no."

"Um, the Lakers?"

"The greens. They're lighter black. It goes with their skin tones. The yellow... not so much."

"My friends are from Boston, they won right?"

"I have no idea girl, I'm a faggot."

And did anyone else wonder why Khloe Kardashian wasn't in the audience? I fucking love her.

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