Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Work Drunk

Oh hello, I didn't see you there. Most likely because I'm work drunk. But it's 10:00am you say? Yes, I'm aware. Let's preface this blog by saying it's entirely Shanon's fault. She made me go to some weirdo bo beardo work thing with her, where I had the privilege of meeting an already drunk Gandy, then we had a buttload of free cocktails on the roof of the Soho Grand (because we are swanky ladies, you see). At one point, we were looking at the view (see below) and Shanon turned to me with a sweeping hand gesture and said "Well, we've made it Jenny." I think I spit my drink out.

We then proceeded to go to another bar where we...danced? Seems likely. Anywho, I'm unsure how it's 11:00am and I'm still trying desperately to sober up, but I was bored on the train (and by bored I mean drunk) and so decided to record my thoughts, which went something like this:

"Well this is the most drunk I've ever went to work."

"I can probably sleep standing up. Gonna try."

"How much will I be judged if I show up with a sack of McDonald's."


"Let go of this pole so I can put my head on it and sleep you jerks."

"I think when I yawn people get drunk on vodka."

"You and your 'books'."

And there you have it. Now I am texting a twenty year old that Shanon used to babysit about where he is taking me on a date. Life is good. Here's a neon sign I apparently fancied. You're welcome.


  1. It's 11:10 and I am fucking wasted. Think I'm gonna pull a Gandy and go to a bar midday, take a nap at my desk, then go get a haircut.

  2. Also I have been sitting at my desk with my hand over my mouth because there are interns present and I don't want to get kids drunks just by breathing.

  3. how else are you supposed to get kids drunk?

  4. Flick your wand and say "drunka kadavra." OH MAN I slay myself. What is this, Facebook?