Wednesday, July 21, 2010


You may recall that many moons ago, whilst on our road trip through the Dirty South, Shanon acquired the nickname "Dookie Hands" (courtesy of Chris of course). It has since not only stuck, but evolved  and taken on new meanings.

See, the other weekend Shanon was supposed to come over and write with me. What actually happened was she watched the soccer match and got drunk. And I was MIFFED. So I went to the BBQ to meet her later, thinking I was over it but I was actually way under it still and proceeded to yell at her and she yelled back and I think we told each other to fuck off (best friends!). I was off pouting and texted Chris about said miffed-ness, to which he responded, "You got dooked." And I did! This was too funny to not tell Shanon so we patched things up over some shots and I informed Shanon that I now owed her a dooking. Which I cashed in the next day by bailing on her for the beach.

We was all even stevens until I asked her to do me a solid this past Sunday and stay over my house to let the fridge guys in. She agreed and then totally bailed. Dooked again. Just now I reminded her that she is now owed a serious dooking from me and that dookie is a dish best served cold. Sure, I don't really know what that means, but she has an icy turd headed her way in the not so distant future.

This scared her, because she then busted out a list of Dooking Rules and dubbed herself Mayor of Dookytown:

Then she sent me this picture.

Deep conversations. We has them.

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  1. There must be rules of engament around the dooking of friendlies. Being that the First dooking took place in Baton Rouge The rules of engamnet Shall be known as the Baton Rough Conventions (BRC). These will be our guiding principles.

    1. All dooking rules will be overseen by Member of the Poo Crew not involved directly with the dooking.

    As far as other rules, these must be writen recorded and amended to the current BRC (which at the moment only has the one rule) over cold beverages within one year of the first dooking.

    Untill then Let it be written that the ultimate in dooking retaliation is the Shoe poo.

    Un provoked Shoe pooping shall have dire consequences.