Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Perfect Email

This week I've found the perfect solution to all of my "I hate emailing" problems. I now respond with image only. None of that text mumbo jumbo. It matters not the subject or importance of the email - no matter if the pope himself is asking me for something, all of my coworkers and clients are cc'ed, or my "best friend" Jenny wants me to do something ridiculous like wait for her fridge delivery.

Here they are, in no particular order:

This is my "job well done" / "sittin' pretty" response. Look at that smug Garfield!

Here's my "what can I do for you today, hmmmm?" response. Works like a charm.

This one is actually my coworkers go-to. He sends it to me every time he's wondering just what the fuck he's doing with his life, or if he's hungover and having a "why am I here" moment. As you can see in the blog below, I also send this to Jenny when we have a particularly shameful discussion that reminds how I'm 28 but nowhere near adulthood (ie the dookie rules talk).

And everyone loves this shit! Look at what a client sent me back out of the blue. Pure gold.

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