Thursday, July 1, 2010

Right Now

Today is Thursday, but it's really Friday thanks to America's birthday(four day weekend weeeeeee!), which Shanon and I will celebrating at the beach with the assistance of three-foot-long gold sparklers (that Chris has so wisely suggested we put in our butts and run around with) and cases of booze and full intentions of getting weird. 

All week I have been so excited to go that attempting work seems futile and I was getting all ready to buckle down and do some work in the last two and half hours before I set my Shark watch to Booze O' Clock, but then this happened:

Gavin:  i'm going to start a waffle house called prisoner of waffles.  
Gavin: and our logo will be a man stuck in a waffle cage, with POW above it.
me: holy shit 
Gavin you want to go in on this with me?
me most def. im gonna draw a pic of that.
Gavin hahaha, tattoo!!
Gavin bro tats
me YES
Gavin yes
me oh muh guh yes
Gavin YES. draw that shit right now!!
Gavin prisoner of waffles could be an amazing, epic cartoon
he'd be like conan the barbarian, hunting down the waffles who killed his village
me hahahahaha. evil king waffle
me: great, now i hafta draw that too
So yeah, this is what I'm doing right now instead. 

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