Friday, July 16, 2010

What I Did When I Got Home

It turns out I was wrong about the uncapped milk being the source of the stink waves coming out of my fridge. Turns out it was some kale I had bought a couple weeks ago, as I discovered with Shanon and Gandy the other night. And as if that wasn't enough of a fuck you from sad fridge, I put my AC on yesterday and I guess EL Fridge-O did not like it because that shit broke down. Now I have no fridge and let me tell you, the timing COULD NOT be better, seeing as it's 95 degrees today.

But yes, upon my arrival home last night:

-Moved my fan from the kitchen to my bedroom and told it, "Your oscillating days are OVER, my friend."

-Wanted to make sure I remembered to call my landlord in the morning about getting fridge fixed, so I decided to write myself a note. Problem was I could not find a scrap of paper anywhere. What I did find, was a paddleball racket on my kitchen chair. So I wrote myself a note on the back of it and halfway through, I thought to myself "What the fuck is wrong with this picture, you are writing to yourself on a paddleball racket, get it together." So then, below where it says GET FRIDGE FIXED, it says GET SHIT TOGETHER. Then, for reasons unbeknownst to me, it says "What is this a Cathy cartoon?"

-Sent a text of this picture to my friend Wes, at 3:30am, saying only "Well?"
Luckily, the key to crazy drunk texts, I have discovered, is sending them to equally crazy people. He wrote back to me at 5:40am "That sonofabitch owes me 13 dollars, that is what."

-Wrote a note to myself on my phone that just says "Giant squid."

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