Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bonerkiller of the Day

I know I keep yapping about how much I love the new Arcade Fire album, but every rose has its thorn, my friends. And that thorn? Regine what's-her-faces fucking half gloves. What is the gahdamn deal with this. I get so bummed every time I see a photo of her wearing those monstrosities. Just looking photos up now for this very blog made my face do it's disgusted / absolutely disappointed thing it does when Jenny does shit I disapprove of. She knows what she did!

But back to Regine ...P.U. What a terrible fashion mistake turned into "This is my thing." No one should ever have a "thing" when it comes to fashion, unless it's a leather jacket on a biker/skater. Hot! Or seersucker. That shit's cool if you can turn it into your thing, but rather difficult unless you're the Colonel. I bet people make her custom ones too, which is a "what is this world coming to" for me. God I need a drink just to stop thinking about how much I hate this.

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