Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Car Sex, We've All Had It

I don't really care to go into details of my recent trip out West other than to say I banged a hot 23 year old in a car ...and shot some guns. Incidentally I do not recommend either.

Having sex in a car is a right of passage and obviously way hard. I would say it's only acceptable under the following conditions:

1. You are under the age of 20.

2. This is a two parter - a) If your coworker is already passed out in your room and the bitch in the hotel lobby won't give you the key to another coworkers room, and b) the motel across the street is way too pricey. $129? Please.

3. You live in your car.

Obviously my excuse is packaged nicely under number 2. Gross! But seriously. It was unexpected and I do not endorse it because the next day I was covered in bruises. How embarrassing. He was totally cute though in an "is he Asian or Mexican" sort of way. I showed Jenny his pic and she dubbed him "totally my type" so I guess my type is "young minorities." I'm cool with that.

And shooting guns after a 10 day binge? Not for the faint of heart. I started shaking at one point, and my anxiety didn't lessen any with the instructor's accusatory, "What, don't you enjoy killing people?"

(Speaking of young minorities, here's some Mexican teenagers I stalked and took a photo of at Griffith Park. Yeah, that's totally my type, Jenny's got my number).

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