Monday, August 9, 2010

Ghost Boners

All day I have been listening to Nick Drake, which is really unproductive when you're the only one at your office on a hot-as-nuts Monday. Why you make me so sreepy, Nick? Then I started googling pictures of him because I was really riding the fence over whether or not I would have boned down with him back in the 'Nam day and after twenty minutes later and a solid answer (Yes.) I found myself in an even bigger je ne sais pickle; what do I classify said Boner as? He is dead, you see, so therefore not technically a Boner of Yesteryear since he died when he was still foxy and had not yet come down with Saggy Balls Syndrome, but yet you can't bone him now unless you're into zombie-dong, so where is he to go.

Solution: Ghost Boners. New category, that I frankly can't believe it took this long to come up with since, as Shanon put it, "The 70s were good years for hot dudes, but not for staying alive" and this is for true since Nick Drake cashed it in when he was what, 26 or something, but lately I have been wearing my cougar-pants (more on that later) so Ima roll with it and so should you. Does he look like a chick a little bit? Sure. Am I into dudes with long hair? Hell naw, I aint trying to braid your shit. Would I still hit it? You betcha. But spend your Monday daydreaming and listening to some Pink Moon and gazing at that last picture in this post and then get on board this Ghost Boner train.

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