Monday, August 23, 2010

Hot Dog Vs. Hamburger In A Fist Fight

Shit. Shanon came back and immediately called me out on my three blog posts in the ten days she was away. I did buy Shannie a tall boy of Coors light, in return for her solitary West Coast post, but what can I say, was busy eating my weight in tacos and water ice and running into the ocean naked. Actually, I had underpants on going in, but Poseidon was angry that eve I guess, cuz he took them out to sea.

But now back to my posts, specifically who would win in a fist fight - hamburger or hot dog. You might think hamburger, because hamburgers have more weight, are compact like a tank and let's face it, an alternate name for them isn't "Weiner." But when I picture a fight, I imagine the hamburger would be much slower, whereareas the hot dog would be all dodging and weaving and be quite nimble. Plus hot dogs are made up of all kinds of weird pig parts, so they would probably just pull some bat-shit-nuts-Tyson-ear-biting maneuvers. So I am going to be in hot dog's corner on this one. Then again, the fuck do I care, only meat I'm interested in is tubesteak.

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