Thursday, August 5, 2010


They are in order. Shanon and I have really been riding this wave of responding to people via pictures and have taken it to the next level by using pics of animals to describe how we're feeling to one another, on days like today (ok, every day) when we are too lazy to type words.

We have since acquired quite the menagerie, so allow me to introduce you to our new friends and yours.

Let's start with a classic, the "what the fuck am I doing with my life" monkey, or as we now refer to him; Captain Walter Brainstorm. I use Walt more frequently than I would like.

Just yesterday, Shanon sent me a relative of his; "Guru Carl." We turn to Carl when we are in need of direction.

Got the booze blues? Not anymore! Why hello, "Huggles the Sloth."If anyone is ever mad at me for anything, I have this pic saved on my phone to cower behind. No one yells at Huggles.

Chris & Shanon & I were talking the other day about bunnies and how it would be nice to have a  magic bunny that made money. Here's "Sir Funny Money Bunny," hard at work. Gettin' bitches paid.

There's probably more animals somewhere on my computer but I am too lazy to go scrounge em up so I will leave you with this instead:

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