Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mom's Away!

Shanon (aka Blog Nazi) is going to be traveling for the next however many days (I'm sure she told me at some point) and so this means Jenny is the new sheriff in town. I'm gonna jump on the bed, stay up all night eating candy and make prank calls to QVC because SHE IS NOT MY REAL MOM. Can't tell me what to do.

Shannie claimed that she will be road-blogging, at which point I laughed in her face and offered to buy a drink for every post she managed to cobble together, but have since retracted said offer because I do not condone spite-blogging. Nobody wins. She then told me not to make offers I can't follow through on and to "not do anything annoying." And now we're in a fight over who has more friends that are weiners (I'm winning).

So! Buckle up and let Captain Jenny steer this pleasure cruise. Things to be discussed include:
Why Contra Is So Fun, Who uses payphones? Not me, Cartoons I Would Get Tattooed On Me If It Wasn't So White Trash, Hamburger VS Hot Dog In  A Fist Fight, Is It Ok To Catcall The Hot Construction Worker I Walked Past This Morning? Methinks Yes, Good Band Names I Thought Up, Why Pringles Are The Worst Chips, My Problem With Checking Out Girls' Racks, Chicks With Butt-length Hair (Shudder), and Popsicles.

And none of the following will be mentioned:
Harry Potter, Tron, Star Trek, Battlestar Gallactica, Lord of the Rings (which Shanon recently referred to as LOTR and I am quite frankly ashamed that I knew what she was talking about, this is how much she talks about this shit) anything that has to do with anything Jane Austen was a part of. I will miss her stoned musings tho. Boner Voyage, Shanaroo!

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