Thursday, August 26, 2010

Musings on 90s Hip Hop

My boss just made me ride my bike with him from Williamsburg to 31st and 11th ave for a meeting. I am now gross and exhausted, thus making this the perfect time for 90s hip hop musings.

How good was that shit! It's like being permanently stoned. Yesterday a coworker was all xanaxed out and waxing poetic about Aliyah (RIP) and it made me thing about how much I love Bone Thugs - don't ask me why. Then this morning I made a Bone Thugs station on my Pandora ...and let me tell you, this shit is GOOD! I told Jenny about it and she immediately followed suit, then we spent the rest of the morning sending each other what songs were coming up. Gangsta's Paradise! I Got 5 On It! Keep Their Heads Ringin!

And I'm not just saying this because I'm from California, but West Coast hip hop is clearly the best. Bone Thugs may've been from Ohio but Easy-E signed them so they're LA as far as I'm concerned. Warren G, Dr. Dre, come on! God I feel stoned.

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  1. So shantastic, I agree that the 90s were great fro hip hop but it is obviouse that the East side id the best side. Sorry west coast but Delisandwiches, Pizza and rap are the east coats. you can keep your California girls and surf boards and all things hella sick.
    Just to name a Few:
    Big L
    De la soul
    Tribe Called Quest
    GURU (solo)
    And Gang STARR
    Mighty mighty MOS Def