Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Problem With Checking Out Girls' Racks

Is that I can't stop doing it. Luckily, I have a sweet rack of my own and therefore get away with it, but how do dudes not get busted for this constantly. Boobies are everywhere all the time. ESPECIALLY at the Renaissance Faire m'lady, myself, Gandy, Nicky & Cara attended this past Saturday. On mushrooms.

This day was bananas on so many different levels that I'm not even sure I can do it justice by describing the shit that happened and laugh if thou doth pleaseth, but it was hands down one of the best days of our collective lives. It started a bit grumpy, as I had stayed up til 6am the night before "talking shop" with a new friend, but by the time the joust started and I had a cup of of Meade in my hand, I was the happiest gd wench in town.

Keeping it together came first and foremost, which is no easy feat considering you're surrounded by a bunch of freaks dressed in every get-up imaginable. And such a roller coaster of emotions. You'd turn and see something crazy touching, like an innocent child playing in the mist, dappled in sunlight and under a rainbow, then turn the other direction to see a 300 pound goth chick come out of the woods dressed as a fairy with a tail and elf ears. There was literally no "safe place" to look except up, which became our happy place to go to when shit got too weird. Just look up. There were a couple of super hot dudes dressed as Robin Hoods that were pretty easy on the eyes too, not gonna lie, but I think me & Gandy's intense stalking of them blew our chances of any ren-booty we may have had.

There was a sweet pub there, which we (surprise!) spent the majority of the day at. They had "bands" playing these Lord of the Rings type jams, complete with harps and lutes and shit and at one point Shanon asked me (dead seriously) "Wait...how do I know this song?" I spit my beer out with laughter more than once that day.

Here's some sweet photos I managed to take in the window that I could still figure out/wasn't laughing too hard to operate my cameraphone and the battery died.

Seriously, racks-a-plenty.

Joust! I had no idea what the fuck was going on during this whole thing and then Nicky stood up and said, "This is the dumbest shit I have ever seen in my whole life" which was a fair analysis. 

There was a lot of this.
Human chess game! Sike, we didn't watch this, went back to the bar.
Man oh man did that sign on the right freak me out! Not so scary, in retrospect. Shut up.
Gandy and his new friend, Lady Mullett.

Ren Faires. What a trip. One of those places where it's fun to go every five years or so, but I definitely called my parents after we got back just to say thank you for not being those people.

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