Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Quickie Before I Dip Out

Why thank you, Jerk, for reminding me that I need to write about a few things before I head out West. First off, I'd like to mention the epic stoner hike that I went on this past weekend with the Poo Crew, minus Jenny, and plus Blair. It was basically a 6-mile trek in the woods upstate during which we talked about "things we could really go for" in the food department. My favorite was Nicky and Chris' discussion of the perfect pasta. Oh to be stoned in the woods. Then we did a little antiquing and I bought some 1970s porn for m'lady, a thoughtful gesture (in my opinion) which prompted Chris to dub me "Lesbian." Now I can't even request so much as a wine spritzer without him calling me that.

Now on to my next topic before I leave - Tron. I mentioned to Jenny that I watched this the other night in preparation for Tron Legacy and thus this has been added to the "nerdy things Shanon loves" pile. What. Ever. Gandy feels me on this one, am I right? Watch the trailer below and tell me this doesn't get you stoked. Jeff Bridges! I smell a boner of yesteryear.

And just for shits, here's a picture of HP's Neville Longbottom, all growned up. I sent this to Gandy as well and we both agree that with a little teef-fixin he's totally bonable.

Shanon out!

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