Thursday, August 12, 2010

Why Contra Is So Fun

I have decided to blog about everything I mentioned in my Mom's Away post, because I am a woman of my word, you see. Minus that I am known to bail on most things, always. So yes, Contra on the OG Nintendo is where it's at. Other night I had the cabin fevers and so I rode over to my friend Sonny's house, to get stoned and play that shit. A little bit of this: B A Start and boom, 30 lives apiece. Which I immediately blew through and started dipping into Sonny's. We didn't make it very far, maybe to the fourth board or so,  due to toke breaks and these delicious little berry things he had that were blowing my mind all over the damn place. They're apparently called Husk Cherries and they taste like buttery little baby grape things and they rule. We made big plans to start processing them and making jam and butter and all sorts of good things and then we remembered Contra and got our heads in the game. Contra's the tits.

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  1. I want to point this fantastic article out about the little known wonders of the NES. Not the popular tripe.