Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bowling Makes Me Feel Dykey

Last weekend, Shanon, Chris, Gandy & Co ventured out to Sunset Park to do some bowling and if there is one thing I learned, or remembered I should say, is that bowling in no way makes me feel like a lady. It is clumsy and awkward and I am just no good at it. And nor do I care to be, because that shit is like being a lesbian times a hundred. This is not to say that I am "ladylike" by any means, seeing as I tend to eat like a starving raccoon, curse and/or drink like a ornery seaman and have no shame/problem hanging out with most people whilst in my underpants but you could combine all of that and then stick me in the middle of an Ani DiFranco mosh pit and I would still feel far more hetero then I do while bowling. Even if I went bowling wearing a ball gown and white gloves, I would look down at those big goofy clown shoes they make you wear and feel more like a tranny than I would Cinderella.

I almost made this post a Ssssecret, being that I don't enjoy bowling, but it can be fun, for the first few frames and pitchers of Buds, but it's one of those things that once a year or so is good for me and never with any dude I have hopes of getting to know in the biblical sense.

Check out these pics of me & Shanon tickling the pins (I just made that slang term for bowling up). NO HOMO.

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