Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Chicks With Butt-length Hair (Shudder)

Fucking A. I'm still finishing these posts and holy crap does my brain hurt today. I keep hearing talk of this Mercury in retrograde business and color me astrological because I can think of no other explanation for the goddamn crazy pills I think I've been slipped this past week.

Tuesday nights are also to blame, because Tuesdays suck, let's face it, Monday has nothing on those bonerkillers. Every Tuesday shit goes haywire, when my day starts off with five texts from my boss before 9am, how am I not supposed to spend all of my monies at buy-one-get drinks at the bar? Riddle me that. Unlike Shanathon, I did not break up with anyone at 1:30am. Hell no, I saved that shit for 8:00 this morn! Is there anything better then waking up for work and breaking up with a friend via leftover-drunk texts? Methinks not.

Ummm I just went to Quiznos to get a sammie for lunch, not because they're delicious, but because the unlimited pickle bar they provide that I filled up not one, not two, but three cups with. Believe.

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