Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Great Debate

Otherwise known as: Boning Young Dudes Vs Boning Old Dudes

Being 28 years old gives us ladies two fantastic options - the mid-30s bracket and the early 20s crew. Jenny is in the former camp while I am quite torn between the two. Let's look at the pros and cons of both, shall we.

Old Dudes

Pros: Man, they sure do know what they're doing in the sack. Most of them own a car, which I'm all for, and are down to drive me to the outer boroughs to try fancy new restaurants. AND pay for the meals at said restaurants. They also have an aversion to hanging out in the Burg constantly, which I appreciate.

Cons: Old guys don't have a lot of variety in the style department. A fact that totally bums me out. I want a dirty punk, mod or skater bro. I'd even take a wigger (no Jenny). They're also old, duh, so can't do the every night rage which I'm all about. But truth be told I think the worst thing about old guys is that their biological clock is ticking worse than a chicks and I just can't handle being around another person that often. I'm what they call, "a commitment phobe" who doesn't like to talk about "feelings." (Unless it's to drunkenly tell my crew that I love them.)

Young Boys

Pros: They're all skaters or dirty punks! They wear vans! They want to rage with me and they laugh at all of my jokes!! God I love them.

Cons: Unfortunately for us ladies, they generally don't have any money and supporting someone other than my lady friend Jenny is kind of a drag (JK she totally supports me). They also don't tend to know what they're doing in the sack. Bad sex is not something I'm into. No way. Although to be fair I have only encountered this problem 50% of the time. So it could go either way, but really, who wants to teach? Not me.

But aside from all of that, methinks I'll stick with the youngins. I am more like a 23 year old boy myself so it just makes more sense. Plus it brings me one step closer to achieving my life long dream of becoming a boat-rich cougar.

Here are some pics of young hot boys for all you ladies (and Gandy).

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