Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Hook" Is The Shit.

Goddamn I fucking love this movie and I mean LOVE. This movie is like that stoner friend that's always lurking in your apartment, smoking your weed while you're at work. You come home and you're all "dammnit stoner friend, why did I give you keys" and they're all "chill bro, hit this and check out the Dorito I found that looks like a cat!" and then you're all okay, you're right, that shit is funny and cats are uptight and then you drink a beer together and it's all good until tomorrow when it happens all over again. That's the relationship I feel like Hook has with my DVD player. They just can't quit each other!
This movie has so many awesome parts to it that I can't even pick my favorite. Oh wait, yes I can. Rufio.

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