Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Humpday Musings

Here are some things I have been thinking about today:

When exactly does Darth Vader realize that Luke's his son? I mean, when he's chasing him in A New Hope he says "the force is strong with this one," but then why come he didn't say that about Leia when he was all interrogating her aboard the Death Star? And then suddenly in Empire Strikes Back he's obsessed with finding Luke and the Emperor's all "Anakin's son must not be trained as a Jedi." This confounds me quite often. CONFOUNDS.

If I walking in tight pants and I fart, does the butt of my pants bubble out? This is a legitimate concern of mine.

The new Tron soundtrack is gonna be siiiiick. For my other fellow nerds, here's 6 songs from the album. It comes out in 10 days ...or something like that. I dunno. Stop judging me.

If I'm attracted to a teenage boy in a TV show or film, does that make me a perv? I mean these casting directors are all out to get me, right? There was this kid in that gay/awesome show Parenthood with the chick from Gilmore Girls and the dude from Six Feet Under and he was banging! But then I'm all, wait he's 16. But wait, still hot! But shit, it's illegal. But he's probably like 27 in real life, non?

Am I turning into my mother if I want to start cross-stitching shit like this?

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