Sunday, September 19, 2010

Movie Shout Out

After Jenny's epic Hook post I thought I'd attempt to start a weekly (who am I kidding, more like bi-annual) movie column. Tentatively titled "Movie Shout Out." I am open to changing this. Author's note: Let's be real, this is just my way of getting my ass to the movies more, because seeing a movie on a Saturday night in a crowded theater is the tits. While stoned on hash, never forget.

First up in this segment is the Ben Affleck directed, The Town. Let me tell you, this shit was highly entertaining. I mean, sure, some of the dialogue could've been edited, and some of the accents could've been a little more Boston and a little less Puerto Rican (cough, Blake Lively, cough), but if I wanted an Oscar-worthy flick I'd re-watch Star Wars, feel me?

Without getting into the plot cause that takes energy and I'm incredibly lazy, I'll just say - Ben Affleck, totally good; Jeremy Renner, FUCKING AWESOME; John Hamm, dreamy and says "fuck" a lot; Blake Lively, plays a good drugged up 34 year old with her tits hanging out; chick from Vicky Christina Barcelona, whatever, she was cool; overall, fun on a bun.

I give it the ol' endorsement, go see it.

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