Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Musings on Charlie Korsmo

I know what you're thinking - why OH WHY has it taken me this long to write about one of my favorite actors from my childhood? Well, for one, Summer's been keeping me extra busy, what with Ren Faires and Russian Bath Houses being in existence. And for another, I actually forgot all about him until this past rainy-day Sunday when I watched What About Bob while eating an entire pizza with my roomie.

What can I say about Charlie Korsmo - I thought he was so cool when I was a kid! I mean, sure, he held my attention less than Rufio, but that scene where he smashes all the clocks is pure gold. And if you've ever found yourself wondering what the hell he did after that, let me boggle your mind for a second ...Can't Hardly Wait! Don't lie, you would've boned the sexy nerd.

After doing some serious research on what he's doing now (aka getting stoned and looking him up on Google), I actually found out that homeboy went to MIT and then Yale Law. What the hell! I wanted a total meth addict mess but this is ok, I guess. He currently lives in Huntington Station (Long Island) which makes him slightly skeasy so yes, ok, fine, I will stalk the shit out of him.

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