Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Shannie's Music Poo Baw Whatever

So I've totally been on the Pandora tip lately and not listening to anything new. Turns out I am super gay for this website, and if you're reading this Pandora, please hire me! I've turned most of you onto the Bone Thugs station (you're WELCOME) but here are some other one's I've been feeling, in no particular order.

1. Phil Collins. Jenny actually suggested this one as we've been discussing all things Phil recently (more to come on that later). I totally dug this one until I realized this was my mom's playlist from the 80s and that mildly scared the crap out of me. Mostly because I don't want to turn into my mother (shudder).

2. LCD Soundsystem. I like this one because LCD clearly bugs Pandora out. Is it techno? Is it indie? Is it rap? Pandora don't know! So it mostly just plays awesome fucking remixes, makes for an interesting afternoon and kick ass party.

3. ODB. So good! My fav Wu Tang member and also ensures that a lot of solo Wu shit is played, along with other dope shit not from the West Coast (which is still the best place for hip hop, but I'll admit not the ONLY place to find good hip hop).

4. Fleetwood Mac. Duh Squared.

5. Explosions in the Sky. I'm not a sad person, but this is a damn good place to be if you're feelin blue. Cathartic cries are healthy, nah mean?

6. Built To Spill. I saved this one for last because it's my favorite. Jenny, Chris and I just went to go see them play on a boat and it was amazing. We got shit faced and spent the entire evening expressing our love for one another. Here's a good photo that sums it up. The Pandora station is incredible because its all the best indie music from the best decade of music to ever exist - the 90s. Don't you dare suggest otherwise.

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  1. Shantilope hit the nail on the head. The 90's Were great for music.
    Especially Eastcoast Hiop hop.(Best)

    P.S. Set sail for the Holland, it's where magic happens.