Thursday, October 28, 2010

California, Part 3

I don't think I ever finished talking about my recent trip out West but here's a final summary. You all know about my nerdy cousin, but here's a shot of my other one (far left). That blob on the ground is my friend Suzanne who busted her ass trying to skate wasted down the mini ramp in his warehouse. At this point in the night he (my cousin) had already apologized to me 10 million times cause he took ecstasy from some strangers and was being all sorts of nutty. God bless him.

A few nights later I had a meal at Roy's with my family. I was forced into going after all the other good restaurants I wanted to go to were booked. Roy's is a hawaiian fushion chain that's basically like eating in a Las Vegas restaurant. My family loves it, of course. I got through it by getting super hammered. The waiter came over to ask if we had any questions about the menu and I yelled, "Yeah, can I order a new family?!" My grandma thought that one was hilarious. Then I had them drop me off in the ghetto Tenderloin so that I could hang out with some bearded friends pictured here. The night ended with karaoke and chinese food which I barely recall (see Suzanne again there), and then the next morning I was back on a plane for NYC. The end.

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  1. Who's the triple denim jean queen? I haven't seen that look since Road House!