Friday, October 29, 2010

How I Got My Groove Back

I've been a real hermit lately, not gonna lie. I actually stayed in this past weekend and made two different kinds of soup then watched weird German movies. It was awesome! But Jenny snapped me out of it the other day by calling me "Stella" and telling me I needed to get my groove back.

So last night I did. just. that.

Basically I got trashed, but let's fast forward to 2am when I was at Daddy's drinking white wine after 4 hours of drinking Jim Beam then tequila, and smoking weed. I don't recall this moment but my coworker said I stretched my arm back and accidentally hit a girl in the face who was standing right behind me. I turned around and played it off like I meant to do that by touching her face intimately (no lezzie jokes Chris, please). Then I bounced. The girl and her friend asked my coworker what the fuck that was all about and he said "She's really drunk, sorry." The girl then replied, "No it's fine, I just thought her gaydar was THAT good, where'd she go?" Sigh.

What I do remember, however, was the cab ride home that I took with another coworker. The first thing he said to the cabbie was "Do you mind if I take my shirt off?" I looked over at him and said, "Oh, it's gonna one of those cab rides, eh?" and then took my shirt off as well. No big deal. Just two bros hanging out topless in a cab.

Today's been pretty brutal, hangover wise. But then this dude showed up to the office and I got a free burger. Hella tight.

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