Friday, November 19, 2010

Bonerkiller of the Day

Bands who play barefoot. This sincerely disgusts me. Last night I went to see Tame Impala and they were fucking ruling it. They're so young! And Australian! (Ok I actually think Australian accents make even the smahtest scientists sound like retards, but whatever). Basically I was in young hot psych rock heaven until I squeezed my way up to the front and saw that the lead singer was playing sans shoes or socks. Ugh. I really don't understand this.

Stage floors are gross and it's not like taking your shoes off is going to make you feel as though you're playing at home rather than in front of 300 stoners. Bill Callahan played barefoot the last time I saw him too and boy did that bum me out.

Tame Impala still killed it but I will no longer fantasize about any of them. Well, maybe the drummer.

Tame Impala - Why Won't You Make Up Your Mind MP3 (Daytrotter Sessions)
Tame Impala - Solitude is Bliss MP3 (Daytrotter Sessions)

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