Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Don't Shit Where You Eat

Yup, I'm a serious offender of this policy. Some might say I excel at breaking this rule. I've actually only ever slept with one coworker and that was over a year ago, but I've been known to sex up the occasional client and one time I made out with Jenny's old boss. You might get all judgey and think that last sentence sounds pretty ho-tastic, but you haven't heard about what I did last night yet.

First off, I've discovered that the combination of whiskey, vodka, champagne and wine is my own personal Joker brew. Except instead of laughing to death, I make out with a coworker at the bar in front of half the office. I was actually told by another coworker today that everyone who wasn't there to see the make out sesh was texted about it.

Take it from me, don't shit where you eat. Look at this cute pic!

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