Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fuck I Love Soup

Yesterday I had some lentil soup for lunch. Last night I scooped a can of lentil soup for dinner. Know what I just had for lunch today? More motherfucking soup. Lentil. When I was crazy sick last week, I got some lentil soup and attempted to eat it but ended up throwing up everywhere instead. This was a major bummer because you know how when you eat something then are sick it kind of ruins it? Sometimes for life? Like when I was in the second grade and won a white chocolate candy bar in math class. I ate the whole thing then barfed all over and have not been able to eat white chocolate or do math since. Not the case with lentil soup though. Phew.

This post was really just a shout out to soup. Fucking love it. And why is there no blog of Hot Guys Eating Soup? I'ma start one. Orrrrr just google skaters, 'cause they fine.


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