Thursday, November 4, 2010


Boy did this holiday kick my ass this year. Things that happened; Chris and I got haunted by a real live ghost in my apartment Friday, Saturday I drew some signs to attract people to my friend's bar, Sunday me & Shanaroo saw some metal, ate some pizza and wore masks. Then Monday I thought I had a hangover but guess what it was really food poisoning or a ghost of parties past that was haunting my tummy because sweet fucking Freddy Krueger was I sick. Shit got all kinds of Exorcist.

Last night I decided to werewolf myself and dress up like a video editor and make a Spooky Hallowang montage of my adventures documented via iPhone. This morning I showed it to Gandy who responded, "I hope you were on a massive amount of cocaine when you did that" and I said, "Umm, nope it was midnight and I was sober." Enjoy.

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