Friday, November 5, 2010

My Newest Frenemy - Weed Food

I've been ingesting a lot of weed lately, namely in the form of brownies, pot pills, and popcorn. It's been fun and all, but boy does that shit fuck me up. Learn from my mistakes and do not try the following after chowing down on some purple haze.

1. DJ. I learned this lesson on Saturday night. My friends asked me to DJ their Halloween house party and I said sure under the illusion that all this would require of me was to press "play." Boy was I wrong. They put me behind a whole set up with a mixer and everything - who do I look like, some French dude? I was all sorts of hungover so of course ate 4 pot brownies. Man did I get confused.

2. Eat at a nice restaurant. Jenny made the mistake of telling me to go to her house on Sunday while she wasn't there. I let myself in and saw a box of pot pills on her kitchen table. I promptly ate one. Then later that night I ate another one. The last part of the night gets fuzzy but I remember tossing beer after beer into the mosh pit at a metal show while sipping on a glass of red wine. Shit got ugly. The real kicker though, was trying to eat a meal at Roberta's after that (or maybe it was before?). I barely remember the meal other than remarking over and over how much I love a good glass of Riesling. Yikes.

3. Try to have a serious conversation with Chris. Don't. Ever. Try.

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