Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rooky Rooky, I Got Cookie

Whilst strolling around my office looking for leftover Halloween candy, I happened upon three leftover fortune cookies instead. So I opened them all to see what the moo goo gai gods had in store for ol' Jenzo and here is what they told me:

Strike One, cookie. Three fourths of all deals/business arrangements I make take place in bars and out of those, I probably remember about a third of. And if I had a nickel for every time one or both my parents told me to "get it in writing, you're going to end up on Judge Judy" well, I would have enough nickels to put in a sock and beat them with for watching that show in the first place.

Strike Two. Like I'm really gonna obey a cookie that is too lazy to use spell check.

Awww, me rikee this one. It made me think of Shanon and the "tiff" if you will that we had gotten in yesterday. She went to a meeting in Detroit today and so I had texted her this morning, "Have a good Detroit trip. Hope no one farts on your plane. Too much." And here's where shit gets freaky chineeky-deaky; RIGHT as I started this post, I got a text from her that said, "Thanks, went well. Ate lunch at PF Changs in a  random Detroit mall. Fortune cookie said 'Someone you care about seeks reconciliation.' Assume it means you. The chineses want us to stop fighting! xx."

Oh, and here's where I came up with the name for this post, to prove that I am not in fact,racist. I just know my "Hook."

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