Friday, November 5, 2010


This morning, I got an email from my friend Karla, who I have known since elementary school, with a link to a wedding announcement of another girl we knew from way back when. What I remember about this girl (and all of my friends remember also) is that she wore these SAVE THE WHALES t-shirts almost every gahdamn day. And since kids are jerks, of course we had to tease her about this all the time. As I was reading her wedding announcement, this little gem caught my eye; "Star Wars and Mystical Coins were some of the themes to this beautiful August Philadelphia wedding." What the what does a "mystical coin" theme even entail! I emailed Karla back (and my four other friends cc'ed) with those parts underlined and in bold and was still laughing when Karla responded: "Ok, so I also have to bust on Jenny, because I don't know how this came up the other day, but I was talking with Nate about our 5th grade chorus concert, and does everyone remember Jenny's beautiful duet, of the enchanting Aladdin Theme song?  A whole new world...... who did you sing that with?  I can't remember?  So funny. Hahahaha."

Yes, in the fifth grade I sang a duet of "A Whole New World." And I was Aladdin.

Don't get me wrong, Shanon and I will wax poetic about our favorite Disney jams for days, but I maybe took it to the next level. Plus that's not even my favorite Disney flick, not even top three (Robin Hood, Sword In The Stone, Aristocats). And here's a bonus, since I sang that shit when I was like 10, the lyrics are burned into my memory for life. If a copy of that VHS were to ever resurface I think I would have to hop the next magic carpet to Saudi Arabia or wherever the fuck Aladdin and that annoying Genie kick it, out of sheer embarrassment.

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