Thursday, December 2, 2010

Double Dooked

Last night I was supposed to go to with Gandy to a screening for Shanon's work. The plan was to go to a bar on the lower east side, then to our favorite sammie shop, then the screening, then after party. What happened was, I met Gandy at his office where he fixed me a gin & Dr. Pepper and I think that's where the plan began to unravel. We then went to meet his clients at a music studio, where they fed us drinks and ordered us pizza. Around 8:30, Gandy dooked me and I mean DOOKED me. Went to go have a cigarette with his coworker, who came back upstairs and said. "So I'm not supposed to tell you, but Andrew left." Motherfucker Irish goodbyed me, with his boss, his coworkers and a mess of other people I didn't know, who then made fun of me for getting ditched. In turn, I decided to dook Shanon and hop a cab back to Brooklyn to make poor decisions of my own. I kind of dooked her Saturday too, come to think of it, so I am pretty much waiting for the other poo shoe to drop. In other news, I am very hungover and this update from my girl Leslie is about the only thing keeping me going:

jenny. i had a date last night with a guy who said his favorite movie, hands down, is the sound of music. srsly. he's asian. he also told me about the disco ball in the center of his living room ceiling.
he also wants to make a chandelier out of a hooka. he's fascinated with hookas "i don't like to smoke anything, but i like the idea of community and sharing."

Oh, also Cara tricked me into agreeing to babysit her broken cat over the weekend, which I guess means drug it and make it watch "I Love You Man" with me on Sunday morning. Here is a picture she sent me of said Frankencat, with the caption "Scary ass cat." His name is Chris and he just had surgery because he is not good at being a cat and fell out of a tree and broke his hip. The surgery wasn't cheap either and I think Cara's Mom put it best when she said, "New cats are free." 

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