Friday, December 3, 2010

Two For Two

In keeping with my "daughter of the year" bid, I realized last night that I forgot my grandmother's birthday (aka my 2nd mom) as well. My two moms' bdays are 8 days apart and woops, I forgot them both. I called my grandma immediately upon my realization of this and screamed "I FUCKED UP AND I'M AN ASSHOLE" which made her laugh and complain that she'd have to tattoo her birthdate on my forehead. Jokes on you, Noni, cause that shit is actually my ATM pin. Yet I STILL forgot. I was really hoping for an iPad for my bday but that's out the pooper at this point. And that old woman's been after my favorite scarf for about two years and already said the only way she'd forgive me is if I finally handed over the goods. What a bitch.

And in case you missed, last night Conan wore jeggings and it's about the funniest shit I've seen in my life. I was literally cackling.

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