Friday, January 28, 2011

Creeper Hangovers, Fuck You

I didn't think I got that drunk last night but apparently I did. I walked myself home in the slush around midnight after eating one chorizo taco that cost $3.25. My first ichat this morning from the buddy I was with? "That taco was a butt blaster." Jokes on him cause it didn't hurt my butt one bit. However I DID drunk dial my 19 year old cousin and chat with him for a while about video games that I know absolutely nothing about. The fact that I even know what "third-person shooter" means makes me feel... shit I don't know I'm hungover.

Anyway, creeper hangovers! What a piece of poo. I had to watch a band last night who's guitar player kept his eyes closed the whole time and whose lead singer reminded me of Will Farrell's college prof character on SNL. The one who was married to Rachel Dratch and said "LOVAAAHHH" all the time. Shit no wonder I got so drunk.

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