Friday, January 21, 2011

One of Those Days

Where I bought some milk for coffee and found out that we're out of coffee here at the office so I say well I'm going to the Starbucks and my boss is all I don't have any cash and so I say don't worry and he then orders a five dollar drink and in line the dude in front of me is on his cell phone talking loud and bumping into me then proceeds to apologize and ceaselessly hit on me until he gets rung up and is accidentally overcharged sixty cents and makes the cashier refund his card and it takes so long that I eventually hold out a handful of change to him and say there is more than sixty cents here buddy, seriously and hope that he feels like a jackass but then while I'm putting milk in my coffee he hits on me again and that was one of the lesser annoying things that happened today.

And this was the best.

(Thanks, Gandy)

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  1. What am I watching? Some asshole skateboarder NOT fall down? Worthless.