Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Spirit Animal

The other day we were talking about spirit animals and when I said I didn't know what mine was, someone (French Canadian Tyler? Chris?) called bullshit. Apparently everyone is supposed to know what their spirit animal is... Right. So here are my options.

Grizzly Bear
I'm feeling the whole hibernation, live in Alaska, eat a shit-ton of salmon thing these guys have going on. Plus they're pretty grumpy. Me and the grizzly bear are sympatico.

These guys are wicked smaht. They talk to each other and like to play practical jokes. I brought my love for crows up the other day and Jenny said I was just saying that cause I loved the movie, The Crow. Also totally true! She got my number.


I have mixed feelings about this shit. When I was a kid I was chubs and some little bitches liked to call me "Shamoo" (which is maybe spelled "Shamu?"). It made young, fat Shanon cry. But I actually did enjoy Shamoo's shows at SeaWorld and when I saw real Orca's for the first time I almost peed myself I was so excited. These guys rule! So maybe this is one of those "getting something good out of something terrible" type situations. I dunno. But don't ever call me Shamoo. Seriously.

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