Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Things That Happened In/Near Canadiatown

As you may recall, last year Shanon & I each did our own recaps of our New Years adventures and so here is my recap, including some details Shanon conveniently "forgot."

1. Made out with a French Canadian. No duh this was going to happen. Put me in a house party and I will find the one giant that has lots of terrible tattoos, only has a job and a phone sometimes, and is probably bat-shit nuts. Some people call that a gift. Oh, and Shanon poured her drink down his buttcrack.

2. Made some new friends at a bar while Shanon & Nicky smoked a doob and took a bubble bath together in their underwear. Oh, and our gay friend sat and talked with them the whole time.

3. New friends we met at the bar came over to smoke a doob with me & Chris. Allegedly woke Shanon up at 3:30am with a raging debate over Scalloped Potatoes vs. Potatoes Au Gratin. (They are the same! Everyone wins.)

4. Last text I sent to Shanon in 2010 read, "I drew a dong on the cab window that's jizzing 2011."

5. Her first text to me of 2011 read, "Are you alive? You make out with that giant?"

6. When in Rome.

7. Made some stoney baloney driving art of my own. Mountains rule.

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