Monday, January 10, 2011

Thinks That Happened In (Or Near) Canada

Well hello! Been a while. That Jenny chick is making me look bad. Here are some things that happened on our vacation to Montreal.

1. Made out with a French Canadian. No duh this was going to happen. The funny thing is that he's a tour manager for some bands I like. Put me in a crowded bar and I will find the one dude that is in the music biz. Some people call that a gift.

2. Got super stoned and rode in the trunk of a car. That dumb blizzard messed up our traveling plans so we had to drive to Canada. It was crowded so I rode in the trunk part of the way. I got stoney baloney and started taking pics. Here is one I thought to be quite artistic. I call it "O Hai iPod."

3. Ate some Canadian bagels. These things are good! Way better than the stupid kind I get at La Bagel Delight. I was pretty drunk when we made a pit stop to buy a dozen. Luke and I were picking out cream cheese and the woman behind the counter goes "Oh! We have Philadelphia cream cheese if you want." My loud drunks response was "No no, we're AMERICAN."

4. Poured my drink down a French Canadians butt crack. Woopsies.

5. Ate mushrooms and went to a biodome. There were 4 different climates!

6. Ate this. And then subsequently went on the master cleanse after I returned home. My colon - much happier now.

7. Spent a magical evening in Schroon, NY. Luke and Cara's car broke down about 2 hours outside of Montreal. We ended up spending 23 hours at a B&B owned by a delightful hippy couple. Here's some original music from the husband who made us cookies.

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